Introducing the Sphere

The Sphere is a completely new way of thinking about touchfree interaction.



A few things about The Sphere…



Interaction with the Sphere is based around four simple, comfortable gestures, yet gives access to hundreds of customizable commands



Through a powerful API the Sphere can easily be embedded in any application, making it completely touchfree



The Sphere supports several sensors, letting you use it with your computer, in front of your TV – even in your car!




Presenting The Sphere.


Interactive public displays

Using the Sphere and a motion sensor such as the Kinect or Leap Motion, any screen can be made interactive, completely touchfree.

Hygienic workstations

In sterile environments, such as hospitals, using the Sphere means you can keep using your workstation without ever having to touch it.

Customizable control

The Sphere allows you to control any application touchfree, with hundreds of commands at your fingertips. Rotate models, tweak parameters, input text – all without letting go of the sphere.

Build the next-gen app

Using the Sphere’s API you can embed it as a control system in your own application, giving you the full power of touchfree interface.

What would you do with The Sphere?