About Erghis

Erghis is a Swedish startup from the vibrant Öresund region. Its gesture-based interface, The Sphere, allows complete touchfree control of smart devices and can easily be integrated into other applications as a powerful touchfree control scheme. In 2014 Erghis received the distinction of being chosen as one of the top 20 tech startups in Swedish incubators. Since then Erghis has featured in international media with its revolutionary interface.


At Erghis, we believe that computer interaction should be all about you, the user. It doesn’t matter what you are interacting with or why. Whether you are typing an email, using a vending machine or controlling a robot, what matters is that you are able to interact easily and comfortably, in a way that suits you. As technology continues to get smaller and is built into our very surroundings, traditional interfaces will no longer be enough. A new type of interaction is required, and as smartphones needed the touchscreen, so the devices of the future will need a touchfree interface. When you no longer need to hang a screen on your wall because the whole wall *is* a screen; when you don’t put a smartphone in your pocket because your clothes *are* your computer, imagine being able to open your hands and have complete control of these devices literally at your fingertips. That is the power of touchfree. That is the power of the Erghis Sphere. At Erghis we are committed to bringing you the touchfree interface of the future today. But we are always looking for forward-thinking companies – big and small – who can find creative uses for the Sphere and want to help us make this exciting future happen.

Founding team